CoD: Modern Warfare 3 Offers Extraction-Style Zombies On The Biggest Map Yet


Activison's Call of Duty Next event is currently ongoing with live gameplay of this year's Modern Warfare 3 taking center stage. The big reveal includes a deep-dive into Zombies, which offers large-scale extraction gameplay instead of the traditional round-based experience.

In Modern Warfare 3, players infil on Warzone's brand-new large-scale map in a mashup of DMZ extraction mode and Zombies. This mode can be played solo or with a squad in a PvE environment, where players can join up with other teams as matches feature up to eight squads of three. Additionally, players can choose freeplay and just load into matches to slay the undead, or they can jump in and play Dark Aether story missions.

The developer says the mode has "more zombies than ever featured on one map," as well as special zombie types like the Abomination and a human threat known as the Terminus Outcomes PMC.

The map will include core Zombies features, such as the mystery box, perk machines, Pack-a-Punch, and the new Wonder Weapon is called the Scorcher. The Scorcher can kill zombies, or the Wonder Weapon can be used as a mobility item to boost up and traverse the map.

Much like Modern Warfare 2's DMZ, players can gear up with perks, Pack-a-Punched weapons, and equipment to exfil from the map and save for a later match. This even includes special weapons like the iconic ray gun.

For more on Zombies, we break down all the details revealed for Treyarch's Zombies storyline in Modern Warfare 3. Make sure to check out everything we've learned about Modern Warfare 3 so far, including campaign details, Warzone, and more. Ahead of the game's full launch, you can get hands-on with the beta as early as October 6.

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