Detective Pikachu Returns Review Roundup


Once again, there are strange happenings in Ryme City. And once again, Tim Goodman and Pikachu are teaming up to solve those mysteries in the Nintendo Switch exclusive Detective Pikachu Returns.

A sequel to the Nintendo 3DS original, Detective Pikachu Returns is receiving average reviews over on GameSpot sister site Metacritic. The adventure game currently has a 68 metascore based on 41 critic reviews. Tim is the only one who can understand the coffee-loving Pikachu in this world, and they work together to uncover what's really going on in Ryme City.

In GameSpot's Detective Pikachu Returns review, Steve Watts writes that the game "is charming and well-made enough for what it is, but that is a mystery game made for younger readers." Other reviewers noted the same, though added the story might be a bit too dark for children. Most agreed the puzzles are too simple for adults, in general.

Detective Pikachu Returns officially launches tomorrow, October 6. GameSpot has a preorder guide for the adventure game, which retails for $50.

Below are more reviews for Detective Pikachu Returns:

GamesHub -- 4/5 stars

"While overtly silly and over-the-top at times, Detective Pikachu Returns effectively balances its light with its extreme darks, wielding its cuteness as a tool to tell an impactful and fairly relevant tale about corruption, felt throughout various cases." -- Leah J. Williams [Full review]

Game Informer -- 7.25/10

"I enjoyed the overall arc and individual case stories, even though you won't ever really be stumped. However, it's disappointing that the 2019 movie stepped all over some of this game's crucial moments." -- Bryan Vore [Full review]

VGC -- 3/5 stars

"Detective Pikachu Returns is an enjoyable, if incredibly simple introduction into the mystery genre for young players. Older fans of Pokemon will get a kick out of interacting with the dozens of Pocket Monsters littered around the city, but mechanically, there's not much here for them." -- Jordan Middler [Full review]

IGN -- 6/10

"The mystery story of Detective Pikachu Returns makes some bizarre and unexpectedly dark choices to get to its underwhelmingly predictable conclusion, and as a result it's unclear who this is all for. Is it for young kids who will find the simplified puzzles about right, or adults who grew up with Pikachu and can handle the more mature themes of the second half?" -- Carli Velocci [Full review]

Eurogamer -- 3/5 stars

"As a window into the world of Pokemon I can't help enjoying this second slice of Detective Pikachu's story -- though it's an experience I'd likely only recommend to similar Pokefans." -- Tom Phillips [Full review]

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