Disney Dreamlight Valley - Poetic License Quest Guide


After completing the first main storyline of Disney Dreamlight Valley, you'll find that you can interact with and complete quests for The Forgotten to help them integrate themselves into your valley. After a while, you'll eventually get the "Poetic License" quest from them, which will move you ever closer to uncovering some new mysteries. Here's how to complete it.

How to complete the Poetic License quest in Disney Dreamlight Valley

Once you've spoken to The Forgotten to get the "Poetic License" quest, you'll find that their first task is for you to speak with other villagers to help finish rhymes for their poetry. The game won't tell you exactly who these villagers are, but it offers some hints. If you'd like to figure it out for yourself, you can always talk to everyone around the village until you find the right people, or you can check below for the solutions.

  • A jealous wannabe ruler - Scar
  • Someone nervous about getting older - Mother Gothel
  • Somebody who was unfairly exiled - Ursula
You'll need to get some rhymes from Scar, Mother Gothel, and Ursula.

Return to The Forgotten and fill them in on the new lines of poetry you've obtained, then they'll ask you to round up some materials for them to build an area for reading poetry. Here's what you'll need to build The Forgotten's Poetry Corner.

  • Iron Ingot x5
  • Fabric x10
  • Black Passion Lily x2
  • Amethyst x2

When you've rounded up all of that, return to The Forgotten again, and they'll craft Poetry Corner themselves. The final task asked of you is to place it in The Forgotten Lands, so do that to finish up this quest and prepare you for what's coming next.

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